The Only Portable Autonomous Emergency Communications System

No Power... No Roads...

            No Repeaters... No Networks...


                              No Problem...

SemperComm  Provides Emergency Communications in ANY Situation You Encounter!

SemperComm emergency communications system - closed front.
SemperComm Product Image - front with an
Sempercomm tactical communications system opened
natural disasters
Frontline mobile communications systems
Transporting a traditional communications vehicle

 Puts You In Control

       In Emergencies and Disasters...You Need A Portable,


      Dependable System That Can Operate Without Any 


      Infrastructure...Including Power....


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All Hazards Protection


A Portable Emergency Communications System for All Hazards


SemperComm  is multi-mission capable and can meet any emergency communications need. SemperComm provides the most critical, tactical communications capability to ensure you can operate and communicate under virtually any operational condition. This mobile command center is adaptable to any situation.


SemperComm's patented design is unique from all other mobile command centers. It is the only portable emergency communications system that has autonomous operating capability.  Our mobile command center is designed to operate and work when all else fails, and can operate completely independently as it needs no external power, working roads, or any other supporting system. 


SemperComm   is the only emergency communications system designed to provide protection from "all hazards" and risks, including natural and man-made disasters.  SemperComm    provides emergency communications when roads and transportation systems fail, repeater systems, cellular systems, network systems are down or when any system requiring power or fossil fuel is compromised. SemperComm   even provides protection from EM events, such as space weather or an EMP. From everyday use, ("blue sky") to the worst day you can imagine, ("black sky"),  SemperComm is designed to work.