SemperComm ("Always Communications")

The Only Completely Autonomous Communication System 

Designed by emergency responders for emergency responders,   SemperComm®'s patented design is the only portable communications solution available that provides reliable communications completely autonomous of any infrastructure whatsoever.  SemperComm is nimble, (only 20” x 20” x 20”) logistically light, highly adaptable (with multiple communications options) and is highly affordable given its capability.


Different From All Other Systems

SemperComm's patented design represents a significant innovation shift as it overcomes the gap and the universal inherent weakness of all other emergency communications systems, which is their need for a working infrastructure in order to function or to be deployed.  Unlike other systems or platforms, SemperComm has no need for roads, the power grid, cellular towers, repeater sites, or even fossil fuel.  In addition to daily operational use, SemperComm provides  “all hazards” back up for critical communications infrastructure for nearly any site or circumstance.  This multi-mission capability is  a mission enabler and resource multiplier.

Designed for Rapid Deployment

SemperComm is the most cost-effective solution for  emergency responders seeking to leverage and maximize every operational level of Command and Control.  This includes rapid deployment capability for large scale critical incidents, and also the ability to provide backup communications for key operational points of Command and Control where there are infrastructure gaps.  SemperComm is ideal for designated shelter points, hospitals, emergency incident command centers or wherever operational requirements dictate, even when there is no commercial power, damaged cellular systems or where infrastructure is destroyed or highly compromised.

Feature Rich and Highly Capable

SemperComm is compact, portable, versatile and feature-rich given its size and cost.  SemperComm is a completely autonomous self-contained system and combines the ideal interoperable broad-spectrum communications in whatever combination  you need:  including VHF, UHF, MF, HF, satellite, public safety P25, air to ground, and/or maritime communications. This provides you optimal communications capability that is completely grid free, with self-generating/self-sustaining power, all ancillary systems such as antennae and auxiliary equipment, completely self-contained within a highly portable EM protected case. 

From Every Day Use to the Worst Day You Can Imagine

SemperComm is designed to be deployed in any scenario from "blue sky to black sky" and is  a mission enabler for any situation you may encounter. SemperComm provides you the ability to establish rapid communications in the most austere circumstances, where there is little or no other infrastructure available, and it does so with minimal logistical overhead and cost.  A resource multiplier, SemperComm provides you more rapid Command, Control & Communications capability. SemperComm provides critical mission enabling communications where there are infrastructure weaknesses and gaps enhancing operational effectiveness and outcomes for those you are entrusted to protect.


SemperComm is Grant Eligible

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