Forward Deployable Mobile Emergency Communications

in Rugged Terrain

Mobile Command communications capability at the most forward points of operations provides increased Situational Awareness (SA) at all levels of Command and Control.  In rugged terrain, having the ability to provide consistent “over the horizon” emergency communications where there are  gaps in "line of sight" communication coverage  greatly increases operational effectiveness and outcomes, ensuring that the right resources are in the right place at the right time.  


Attaining autonomous mobile emergency communications capability under austere conditions where there is no supporting infrastructure is highly challenging. Hotshots work in terrain where gaps in coverage are common and this is one of the most challenging for Communications, Command and Control.  The rugged terrain that hotshots operate in is often effected by  communication  “blind spots or dark spots”. These types of  “gaps" create poor communications conditions which puts the mission and responders at risk.  Given the thousands of square miles with this type of terrain, it is nearly impossible to have reliable line of site communication coverage with  existing emergency communication approaches.


Responders who face rapidly changing and ever shifting conditions, where circumstances  change in instant must  maintain accurate Situational Awareness (SA) at all times to ensure  correct tactical decisions are made.  Effective mobile communications closes the decision time gap and is  the difference between life and death. 

SemperComm is ideal for rapid deployment putting critical mobile emergency communications closer to the actual nerve center of operations.  SemperComm provides “over the horizon” communications covering communication gaps with VHF/UHF line of site communications.  SemperComm is multimode capable and  provides BGAN satellite and  MF communications to ensure there is always communication regardless of the conditions. SemperComm is  deployable by multiple methods,   and can be  air dropped from a helicopter, deployed on an SUV or hand carried by two individuals for short distances.  It is configurable with multiple emergency communications suites to best meet  your unique mission needs and mobile command operating conditions.

SemperComm is designed to be used anywhere, anytime.
Rapidly changing disaster conditions can require a rapid redeployment, SemperComm is ready for it.