Disaster Communications 

Disaster Communications - The Worst Day You Can Imagine


On the worst day you can imagine, SemperComm will be there to provide emergency communications for you and the people you are trusted to protect. SemperComm provides you the ability to communicate in any scenario you encounter. With an average of 100 declared disasters in the U.S. annually, no community is immune from extended emergencies or disaster events. The broad threat profile you  must plan for is greater than ever and includes both natural and man-made disasters that can completely devastate your community. Your ability to manage events in the first few hours is critical for controlling outcomes.


The First 72 Hours 

More importantly, history has shown that a lack of proper communications in the first 72 hour window is the main driver and cause for cascading events that greatly magnify the harm caused by the actual disasters.  Its not a matter of if a disaster will strike your community, it is simply a matter of when.  Having effective affordable autonomous communications that will protect your community from "all hazards" has been nearly impossible to achieve, until now.

An Autonomous Communications System for Tactical Deployment 

SemperComm's patented design provides you the ability to operate completely autonomously with no need for any other support systems, such as power or external network systems.  SemperComm provides the core tactical communications capability of a communications vehicle, but is able to be much more rapidly deployed when infrastructure is destroyed or compromised. SemperComm operates without any other support systems including  destroyed or compromised systems such as roads, repeater communications systems, cellular networks or other back up systems that require fossil fuel.

Versitile, Reliable Disaster Communications

SemperComm provides protection from all hazards including electromagnetic events (i.e., space weather, EMP) and is designed to work when everything else fails making it the ideal system to back up your Command and Control system(s).  SemperComm is for primary points of Communications, Command and Control or it can be used for secondary points of Command and Control such has hospitals,  or disaster relief centers and where you need cross jurisdictional communications.


Black sky disaster comminications for the worst case scenario.
Public safety relies on effective emergency communications