Increase Your Mobile Command Vehicle's Capability 

Augment it With SemperComm:

There are simply times when you cannot get a Mobile Command Vehicle to the critical point of operations fast enough due to logistical challenges or compromised infrastructure such as roads.  SemperComm provides the core communications of a Command Vehicle in an autonomous portable package to work around these hazards.  Augmenting your Command or Emergency Communications Vehicle with SemperComm provides an operational force multiplier enabling you to achieve better operational outcomes.  SemperComm provides you the ability to get crucial core communications to the most critical nerve centers within the first hours of an incident, putting you in control within the critical first 72-hour window.  Once your vehicle arrives, pushing SemperComm units to more forward points of operation for secondary Command and Control will provide you a greater level of Situational Awareness (SA).  SemperComm is easy to transport and set up for operations where a Communication Vehicle requires greater set up and logistics and isn't practical for certain operations.

Leverage your Mobile Command Vehicle's Capability with:


Lower Cost- SemperComm is a lower cost alternative providing

independent core communications with very high resiliency and

capability per dollar. SemperComm provides the best value where 

multiple communications vehicles may not be viable, but multi-

point communications are needed.


Multi-Mission CapabilitySemperComm is highly flexible and multi-

mission capable, easily customized and adapted to different types of

operational conditions.  SemperComm serves as both the primary point

of communications and for secondary points of operations. 


Autonomous Capability-SemperComm  operates completely

independent of any other system with no need for power or other

systems.  Ideal for the early establishment of initial communications

in the first 72-hour window where infrastructure has been compromised.  

SemperComm provides sustainable operations under certain 



Deployment & Logistics-Logistically light for rapid deployment,

deployable by a single person. Simple set up, deployment and

operations.  May be air dropped, or hand carried to forward operation


Forward Operations-Can be pushed to more forward points of

operations where vehicles are unable to penetrate due infrastructure

or road damage.


Multipoint Operations-Low cost enabler and multiplier for

communication vehicles  to facilitate multipoint operations

allowing for multiple points of Command and Control:  hospitals, 

disaster relief shelters, local law enforcement and public



Compromised Infrastructure-Ideal where there is compromised

infrastructure.  Portable core communications of a vehicle, with no

need for any infrastructure, power independent and no need for fuel.


Low Operational Profile-Ideal for situations where lower visibility is

needed.   Communications vehicles may be kept away from operational

“hot spots", with SemperComm augmenting forward communications

virtually unnoticed.


Design & Scalability-Adaptable to existing architecture and designs,

both at EOCs and with existing communications vehicles/existing systems.

Platform is vendor agnostic allowing the customer flexibility to leverage

existing communications systems that are interoperable.

Scalability-Highly scalable,  functions as an autonomous  unit in itself,

and can be expanded for even greater capability as an extension for

mobile command vehicles.


All Hazards Protection-Protected-isolated from the power/network grid.  

This feature provides protection from Cyber assault and electromagnetic

events, space weather and EMP.  This capability is "baked into" the

core design at no additional cost.


MERCs can often be difficult to gain a forward command center due to infrastucture failures and logistics.
How will your communications vehicle get there when the roads have been destroyed?
When forward operations are needed will you be able to get your comm vehicle there?