Extended Emergency Communications


Rapid, Deployable Communications


SemperComm is ideal for emergencies or fast moving events where you need to rapidly establish  forward points of tactical communications and operations.  For example, a fast moving large scale emergency that must be contained in order to prevent it from escalating into a large scale disaster event.  This also includes incidents where you need to rapidly control events by showing a strong response presence by creating security and safety zones with clear lines of command, control and communications.  


Rapidly Establish Multiple Points of Communication

SemperComm is a key mission enabler and resource multiplier in deploying rapid response teams, establishing multiple points of tactical Command and Control, and creating multiple critical points of interoperable communications across communities and jurisdictions. Whatever the incident, SemperComm will provide you the critical emergency communications you need to establish a strong law enforcement/public safety response presence to control and keep events from escalating.  


Emergency Back Up Communications Anywhere

SemperComm also provides "stop gap" contingency back up for your critical systems that become compromised due to weather events and other risks and hazards. This  includes  extended operating conditions where there is  limited power and where there is little to no supporting infrastructure. SemperComm also provides "over the horizon" communications where there are communication coverage gaps  from repeaters and where you need to extend existing communications beyond your current system's capabilities. SemperComm also provides low visibility  portable operable and interoperable multi-agency  communications where there are elevated threat conditions and you need to maintain a low profile for your Command and Control.


Front line communications help keep incidents from cascading into disasters.
Mobile back up communications anywhere,anytime.