Tactical Communications

Tactical Communications for Everyday Use


SemperComm is ideal for everyday operations or events where you require extended tactical communications close to the point of operations or where you require multiple points of Command and Control.  For example, large community events, exercises; or where there is a short term threat elevation that requires safety or security zones; or events where law enforcement and public safety presence must be increased. SemperComm is logistically light, completely autonomous and highly portable which make it ideal for providing rapid response tactical Command, Control and Communications. 


Communications Vehicle Core Capability

SemperComm provides the core communications functions of a communications vehicle​, but is more simple to set up and operate by comparison. SemperComm is an effective solution for large events where you need to establish a strong public safety presence, but require less overhead in establishing portable command center operations, or where you may require a lower operational profile for your points of Command and Control.  

Cost Effective and Highly Capable

Affordable and nimble, SemperComm is ideal where a communications vehicle may be tactically inefficient, or where a lower operational profile is required.   SemperComm is an excellent alternative  for communities who simply cannot afford a communications vehicle, or those who desire to augment their existing communication vehicle extending its capabilities. SemperComm is a cost-effective solution for emergency managers seeking to leverage and maximize multiple operational levels of command and control, and for communities that need to back up their current systems in order to reduce their risk at a much lower cost compared to other solutions.

Designed for Rapid Deployment

SemperComm is ideal for rapid deployment  situations and  large scale critical incidents.  SemperComm provides backup communications for key operational points of command and control where there are  infrastructure gaps.  SemperComm is ideal and cost-effective for pre-locating at designated shelter points, hospitals, emergency incident command centers or wherever operational requirements dictate and will work even when there is no commercial power, damaged cellular systems or where there are compromises in infrastructure.


Large scale events require tactical communications
Providing security through enhanced tactical communications systems